Sell-through analytics

Powerful reporting software for fashion teams.

Total Sold
( £ 2,504,092 )
units sold
( £ 3,295,224 )
units delivered
Days on floor
ST / Week

Track all of your sell-through reports in one place.

Fashion Link helps you make sense of your retail sales.

Compiling and using all the sales information you receive from your stores can be hard work. We make it easy for you to store all your sell-through reports in one place and help you find out exactly what you need to know about your product’s retail sales.

Big data: large and small.

We can help you identify your biggest trends, globally and on a smaller scale. Fashion Link helps you see performance at multiple levels – by region, store, category and product – to help you find out where to best allocate your resources.

Bring everyone on the same page.

All the information in Fashion Link can easily be saved and shared with your whole team. It’s easy to make sure everyone understands what is going on with your brand, from the company CEO to your junior sales assistants.

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